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  By WackyIsland @ [] @ Wednesday, October 13, 2010 8:51 PM :: 17598 Views :: 480 Comments :: Article Rating :: News

The iPhone Dev is now doing amaz




The iPhone Dev is now doing amazing application reviews! Your review will be featured on the front page of our website, It's a great way to bring fame to your app - think of this as a great opportunity to put YOUR application into the spotlight for only $10 (LIMITED TIME OFFER!)! All you have to do is email the email below this text saying that you're interested. Then, you will get an email back from us immediately with a few instructions. Your review should be up on our site in no time!


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MajicRank 1.3 has been released

  By IPhoneDev @ [] @ Wednesday, October 13, 2010 8:46 PM :: 29989 Views :: 370 Comments :: Article Rating

Update: MajicRank 1.3 has been released, and now has it’s own product page.

MajicRank is a free application for Mac OS X (10.5+) designed to give iPhone App Developers an easy way to see how popular their applications are around the world.

It automatically downloads top 100 statistics for any iPhone app, for any categories or game sub categories, for most regions from iTunes, and displays the results in a colored table. Note that though the screenshot only shows 8 regions, the rest can be added in the preferences menu.

MajicRank 1.2 can be downloaded from (0.5MB)

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Scary Voice iPhone Application

  By WackyIsland @ [] @ Sunday, December 06, 2009 11:31 PM :: 29439 Views :: 340 Comments :: Article Rating


 Scary Voice iPhone App - It is a lot of fun!

Have you ever wondered what your voice would sound like if it was a tad higher? Or have you ever wanted to play a prank on your friends, changing your voice around to make it sound different? This application can change your voice completely- all just in a few clicks! Change the pitch, the speed, and store up to 20 custom voices on your iPhone that have their own pictures! The sky is the limit with this new voice changer. Starting today, voice changing couldn't be any easier.

For a better experience, try using your headphones.


In the next version, you will be able to send your voices by eMail!


This application requires a mic for you iPod touch!

Download it from iTunes

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Developer Creates Dual-Boot Smartphone: iPhone and Windows Mobile

  By IPhoneDev @ [] @ Friday, October 17, 2008 10:53 PM :: 23110 Views :: 392 Comments :: Article Rating

There's good news for those who want to double the usefulness of their iPhone: a developer will soon release an application that will allow Apple's smartphone to run Windows Mobile.

Norwegian Erik Kristiansen has created a dual-boot application for the iPhone, similar to Apple's Boot Camp for its PCs. It allows users to run either Windows Mobile or the standard iPhone operating system. This isn't an emulator, and the two OSs can't run simultaneously.

Kristiansen gave a brief demonstration and interview at the myPhone2008 event:



The beta being demonstrated certainly appears to have the basic functionality of Windows Mobile, but details are scant. For example, it's not clear if Windows Mobile applications will be able to access the iPhone's entire internal storage, or only a partition.

This iPhone application is scheduled to be released in January of next year. Pricing is not yet known.

Naturally, it will not be available through the official App Store, as Apple has forbidden emulators and similar software to be sold through its store.

Read an original article here


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Do you need Screen Protection for your iPhone? No Way!

  By IPhoneDev @ [] @ Friday, October 17, 2008 8:59 AM :: 18517 Views :: 340 Comments :: Article Rating


Did you know that iPhone screen is completely Scratch Proof? I guess you don’t want to take any chance. But believe me, iPhone screen is made out of a 100% scratch free material. I have been using iPhone 3G from quite sometime and don’t have any scratch what so ever on the screen. In fact I found this dicussion thread on Apple Forum which re-iterates the same point:

  • You don’t need a screen protector, in fact a lot of the Apple Geniuses don’t use one. I use the Power Support crystal film, I like having it on. You don’t even see it when applied right. You never know when Murphy’s Law kicks in.
  • Honestly you really don’t need a screen protector. But if you tend to have coins or keys in the same pocket, then you’d have to be careful, but if you are careful with your iphone, then you don’t need a screen protector.
  • Have had my iphone for over 14 months. never used a screen protector and have no scratches on my screen. I will tell you that, although I keep it in my pocket all day long, I don’t keep it in a pocket with my keys. You might want to avoid coins too. Otherwise, i find the screen to be very durable, unlike my Palm screen. 

       See original article here

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Heart Rate Monitor app hits App Store.

  By IPhoneDev @ [] @ Sunday, October 12, 2008 11:21 AM :: 12651 Views :: 257 Comments :: Article Rating

It's difficult to keep up the App Store these days as there are just so many cool apps to talk about. However, this one demanded some attention. It's a heart rate monitor and it uses the iPhone's built-in microphone to detect your heart beat.

See original article here


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iPhone GUI PSD

  By IPhoneDev @ [] @ Thursday, October 09, 2008 10:14 PM :: 17337 Views :: 455 Comments :: Article Rating

Over the past few months we’ve had to create a few iPhone mock ups for presentations. The problem we’ve encountered is the lack of resources to help us design something efficiently. Up until now we’ve used a nice PSD from but we still found ourselves having to build out additional assets or heavily modifying bitmap based buttons and widgets.

Since we know we’ll be doing more of this, we created our own Photoshop file that has a fairly comprehensive library of assets – all fully editable.

You can download psd file and read original article here

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iPhone Apps bring Landscape Mode to iPhone's Mail App

  By IPhoneDev @ [] @ Thursday, October 09, 2008 9:10 PM :: 17314 Views :: 248 Comments :: Article Rating

One of the limitations of iPhone's Mail app is that it does not support landscape mode for reading or writing an email.

iPhone app developer, Mark Schneider, addresses this strange limitation of iPhone's Mail app with his App called

TouchType (Landscape Email). Read full article here


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iPhone and Android: Apples and Orchards

  By IPhoneDev @ [] @ Saturday, October 04, 2008 10:46 PM :: 15482 Views :: 203 Comments :: Article Rating


 As you may have heard, the iPhone NDA is fading away. The exact scope of the new NDA is still a bit murky — it is unclear if you can talk about the iPhone SDK, or only your own iPhone apps. Still, though, it is clearly a step in the right direction, one for which Apple should be applauded. And the details should be clearer in a week or so, when the new NDA text is made available (and, hopefully, talked about…legally).

See original article here

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T-Mobile's G1 vs. The iPhone: Game On!

  By IPhoneDev @ [] @ Saturday, October 04, 2008 10:41 PM :: 17817 Views :: 426 Comments :: Article Rating

Finally Apple gets some serious competition with T-Mobile's G1. Here is how the two stack up against each other.

Since the iPhone was launched 15 months ago it has defined, for many, what a smartphone experience should be. But today T-Mobile gives the iPhone a run for its money with the launch of the G1 smartphone. From the details that have emerged today regarding the G1, Apple now has a reason to be looking over its' shoulder.

Here is a look at how G1 and the iPhone compare to one another.

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